Hello world!

Yay! I finally made a Popsicle Theory website!
I’ve been wanting to do this for a very long time, but something about owning a website scared me, wouldn’t it be too much work? What about hosting, and how does buying a domain name actually work? Turns out it’s pretty easy if you take the time to Google and ask around (just like everything else in the world really).

As you’ve probably read on the homepage, this website is still a big work in progress but I will start using this section already, as it’s basically Twitter without a character limit.

I’m working on something so you can sign up and be notified whenever I post a new blog or release music. I will also post about my music-making process, random things that happened during my week, and.. streaming. Yup, I recently bought a decent webcam (I was so fed up with my 8fps during every live stream event) and a beginner’s mic, to test if I actually like talking during my stream. So, if you want to see me edit my LSDJ tracks and play some new ones on stream, keep an eye on this page!

Bye for now!

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