First streams were had!

I did it! Today I spent a little over 3h streaming in total!
I did not expect ANYONE to show up during my first ‘real’ stream, but I actually had 5 viewers which was cool and creepy at the same time. I kept accidentally touching and knocking down my mic, and had forgotten to turn off some weird audio filters on my Gameboy audio so it all sounded very muffled. Oh, and I forgot how to speak like a normal human being, but boy was it fun!

Now I’ve dipped my toe in the streaming water, I cannot wait to do it again later this week. I’m also thinking about alternating music and videogame streams, to keep it (even more) fun for everyone. Recently I got back into Hearthstone so I might show some of my horribly outdated decks to the world.

Time to log off and update my Twitch profile, so it looks like I know what I’m doing. Have a good one folks!

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