Korg Volca Drum, what a beast

I recently purchased the Korg Volca Drum on a whim because one of my friends kept sending me updates about their hardware, which in turn made me suffer from ‘sudden knob-fiddling urge’. I ordered one and next thing I know, I’m already unpacking it.. what a cute little machine, and the build quality is amazing!

I already bought a Microkorg in December 2020 but hadn’t really used it because I was so overwhelmed with all of the options. This weekend I sat down, hooked everything up to my mixer, and started creating. It really helps to have a backing track when thinking of melodies; and how cool is it to have made it yourself?! I came up with a bunch of cool bits n bops over the weekend, AMAZING! This thing sparks SO much joy and creativeness, I don’t know how I’ve managed to live without it for so long.

It feels like using hardware unlocks a certain creative part of my brain, while I always thought I was more of a software gal because it’s easier and more versatile (that turns out to be false).

I bought a small mixer and a Gameboy because I wanted to travel light while performing, so I hope I won’t give in to myself and start buying more Volca’s, because they have a whole array of amazing machines (I’m already eyeing the Volca Keys and FM..)

What do you think of ‘the Volca’? Do you have any hardware you can’t live without?
~ pops

People are nice

I should really keep a consistent schedule, but I mostly (three times in total) just randomly feel like streaming so that’s not going to work. Today was a nice stream though, someone gave me some tips and was very active in the chat, which made me find out my mic sounds REALLY low. Another thing to fix.. I am having tons of fun with Streamlabs/elements though, the world of streaming is HUGE and FUN! I’m always scared people will find it boring to see me sitting in a chair with a Gameboy in my hand but I guess I have to keep going because people are nice and nice people will have fun during my stream 🙂

Until next time/stream!

First streams were had!

I did it! Today I spent a little over 3h streaming in total!
I did not expect ANYONE to show up during my first ‘real’ stream, but I actually had 5 viewers which was cool and creepy at the same time. I kept accidentally touching and knocking down my mic, and had forgotten to turn off some weird audio filters on my Gameboy audio so it all sounded very muffled. Oh, and I forgot how to speak like a normal human being, but boy was it fun!

Now I’ve dipped my toe in the streaming water, I cannot wait to do it again later this week. I’m also thinking about alternating music and videogame streams, to keep it (even more) fun for everyone. Recently I got back into Hearthstone so I might show some of my horribly outdated decks to the world.

Time to log off and update my Twitch profile, so it looks like I know what I’m doing. Have a good one folks!

Hello world!

Yay! I finally made a Popsicle Theory website!
I’ve been wanting to do this for a very long time, but something about owning a website scared me, wouldn’t it be too much work? What about hosting, and how does buying a domain name actually work? Turns out it’s pretty easy if you take the time to Google and ask around (just like everything else in the world really).

As you’ve probably read on the homepage, this website is still a big work in progress but I will start using this section already, as it’s basically Twitter without a character limit.

I’m working on something so you can sign up and be notified whenever I post a new blog or release music. I will also post about my music-making process, random things that happened during my week, and.. streaming. Yup, I recently bought a decent webcam (I was so fed up with my 8fps during every live stream event) and a beginner’s mic, to test if I actually like talking during my stream. So, if you want to see me edit my LSDJ tracks and play some new ones on stream, keep an eye on this page!

Bye for now!