New gear acquired: Korg Volca Bass

I feel like I am repeating myself by posting yet another one of these, but yesterday I received the Volca Bass I had ordered in the mail. It is tiny, cute & shiny but has a very raw sound, especially when turning the knobs juuuuuust right.

In many ways it is a copy of the Volca Drum, but it has more knobs to fiddle with.

This is what I have done with it so far:
It works seamlessly with the Volca Drum. It is SO easy to sync and has three VCOs so you can even create a bass, lead and something sparkly on top of it that plays AT THE SAME TIME!

I keep telling myself this is the last piece of hardware I have purchased because I don’t need anything else, but I am already looking at studio monitors.. right now I’m using so called ‘gaming speakers’ and they’re great, but color the sound a lot.

Now it’s time to dive headfirst into the Volca Bass rabbit hole on YouTube..


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