New album thoughts and brain dump

It’s been a few weeks since my last post and I have some exciting news to share! My head is filled with ideas for my new album. I have a theme, several WIPs, and two finished tracks already! I’ve been working hard and came up with an amazing (at least I think it is) concept so it will be more of a story instead of tiny bits of music that go all over the place.

Initially, I wanted to create an album that was solely written on a Gameboy to ‘keep it pure’ but then I thought what the hell, why would I want to create ‘pure music’? I make music for me and people who like to listen to it, and they always seem to enjoy whatever style I do – why would I limit myself in the tools I use?

I’m sure you all know I bought an amazing little machine last month, the Korg Volca Drum. It is SO cute but sounds super badass. I’ve been recording heaps of different sounds and loops and have a lot of fun editing them in Ableton. Ableton has basically turned into one big creative playground for me; I use the arrangement view for all the bits n bops I record from my Microkorg, Gameboy and Volca, and combine stuff on the fly while doodling around and playing melodies. I normally start a new file for every track, but this time it’s just one gigantic file for everything so I can immediately dump whatever idea/recording I come up with (it takes a lot of time to scroll from start to finish though).

I accidentally created some drum loops that sound like birds and robot-like creatures which instantly made me think of a jungle. A mechanical jungle because of all the pitch changes.. aaaand the new theme was born. I want to tell the story of a jungle teeming with mechanical creatures, new ones appearing and species dying out while fighting each other and the environment. I am going to write an introduction to the album and read it like a story, so the listener will know my thought process behind the album and hopefully have a clear picture of the atmosphere I’m going for. I am pouring my whole soul into this album and hope you will be able to tell from listening to it.

So yep, I’m super excited and want to finish it this summer, here is a snippet of the outro (still a WIP):

see ya!

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